Dopamine Dressing Is Taking Over In The Fashion Trends 2022l So Boost Your Mood, Your Confidence And Your Style Credentials For The Year Ahead.

It's been a rocky road in the world of fashion for this last couple of years but 2022 is the year your style sense will awaken. If you've been spending time in comfy loungewear or muted natural colors, fashion trends are set to get you out and about an explosion of color to brighten up our days, In 2o22 it is for sure going be a case of more is more.

Dopamine Dressing (wearing pieces that make you feel good) is coming and we for one cannot weight, but there is plenty of ways you can weave in new pieces to wear seamlessly with your best jeans or best winter coats, check out our knitwear range and in particular the ivory turtleneck sweater be sure to keep that Winter Breeze out of your body and keep you nice and warm. Take Inspiration From Our Top Trend Picks the Fleece lined Tracksuit NK Exclusive or the Popular Bateau Bat Winged Top, Vibrant and Stylish. 

Trends show the wear once culture is dying and we are becoming more conscious and therefore the need is for sustainable staple pieces that you can wear again and again, check out the Crushed Velvet Pink or Black Suit Set the perfect addition to make you the most glam lady out there, Niche Kouture is here to meet that need,

Below is a guide of different styles you could implement: 

1. Top to Toe Color, This season is an explosion of all things bright, start with a bright accessory, such as shoes or bag and add this to a look your comfortable in fuchsie Pink (think Loungewear Set) and Kermit the Frog Green Compliment All Skin Tones. Why not try a suit which will take you from day to night effortlessly.

2. Fringing Details: With it's tassle, crouchet and slouchy fits this trend has a more bohemian feel- just dream of your summer holidays, wearing chunky sandals and a fringed outfit that moves in a gentle sea breeze, and you've got the idea. All you need to accessorize is a cocktail. Fringing is actually easy to wear and very flattering- choose pieces where it falls cleverly over any areas your a little self conscious of, and it will take your look to a new level. 

With digital taking over our day to day lives, we expect that customers will have a continued desire for touch-and-feel in fashion. 

3. Sequins and Shimmer: Sequins aren't just for Christmas you know, you can shimmer any month of the year so, as it's your time to shine, take inspiration from Chenai to Valentino and introduce everyday sparkle into your closet. 

Whether it's a show-stopping dress or a chic two-piece, sequins in spring will certainly get rid of any winter blues, However the key is to keep accessories to a minimum, if you wear a standout piece, avoid overwhelming the look with lots of jewelry or prints. Let the clothes do the talking. 

4. Maxi vs Midi: The good old midi skirt has reigned supreme for the last few years but it's been ousted from the top spot this season as we said 2022 is going be all about the extreme, so check out our Blue Satin Dress for that luxurious feel. You're going have to decide which team your on this year maxi or midi but we are sorry to have to break it to you it's actually the micro-mini making it's way into the mainstream, We know it's not an easy thought to have a lot of leg on show, but you can make it work with tights and knee-length boots for extra coverage until the weather warms up. If you're more of a maxi women than voluminous fabric. If that sounds constricting remember a subtle split offers more movement. 

5. Bold Stripes: Read between the lines this season and embrace bold, defined stripes. There were no pin stripes in sight on the runways at Jill Sander or Tory Burch, here wide stripes took the style crown. The striped jumper was a sell-out in the winter and the look has made its way into 2022. Remember vertical stripes lengthen your figure and can be slimming. Pastel colors are gorgeous for spring so give these a go, and a classic Breton is my go-to t-shirt all year round, if you opt for monochrome stripes, try to accessorize with color to pack a real punch. 

6. Cut-Outs: We can feel your eyes rolling but stick with us on this one. We know the idea of cut-out sections can be a bit daunting, but while the catwalks might have shown a whole load of flesh, you can do it the sublt way promise! There.s no need to shy away from this trend completely, a little goes a long way and even a small slash in the fabric can offer more movement in the fabric and highlight your smallest part. Think keyhole details, open backs and cold shoulder tops that expose a little flesh without you feeling like all the lumps and bumps are on show. Sheer Fabrics were also big this season so bag a top with love cut sleeves for another way to wear this look, take a look at the ruched dress collection both red and black for something to tickle them taste buds.

7.The OO'S: We know you feel like the noughties only just happened but it's been long enough for the turn of the century styles to return to the catwalk. We turning to the nostalgic era of double denim, satin joggers and chokers, yes, really, It can be difficult to embrace trends from years gone by without feeling as though you're playing dress up, but this season take small nods from the decade rather than wearing it from head to toe.

Be Inspired by the Britney and Justin famed denim duo look and match your blue jeans with fitted shirts or white shirt would be perfect to complement any denim look out there.

Happy Shopping and Thanks For Joining The Journey!!