Niche Kouture was created with a vision and goal in mind, particular values and is about creating a community which is inclusive, diverse and doesn't leave anybody behind! The Collection selected is suitable for all occasions, with a range of deliciously minimalistic but with a classy undertone, Out Down The Town? Select the Volcano Long Black Dress, Our Hot Diamond Pink Suit is exactly then , one in a million providing exclusive limited edition pieces whether you are going a ball, out for a business lunch or a nice dinner date where you want to be the showstopper. 


Niche Kouture is a sustainable fashion brand, meaning we have created clothes which are designed to last, not break in the wash after one go, we go for quality over quantity and these pieces are specifically selected as they are staple pieces which will be the best part of your wardrobe for years to come, you will never tire from wearing them!  Take the Biege Bodysuit with our Crushed Velvet Black Suit and really give yourself that 'Niche' Look, The Clientelle we are for women who enjoy the finer things in life, people who are socially conscious and people who want to support a fashion brand who cares about the confidence a look gives them, that's why we personally write notes to everyone that buys from us, to show our appreciation for our lovely client base. 

Long-Term Goals for Niche Kouture involve a fusion of east/west fashion bringing a look and style that hasn't been seen before, we want to do our bit for the environment and will be showing videos of us out and about in the country planting trees, allowing our followers on @nichekouture to select and suggest locations and be an interactive brand, hopefully appealing to a larger spectrum of people and allowing them to feel comfortable that our brands represents the people. 

The 'Voice of The Voiceless' isn't just a slogan it's a philosophy we believe in, to speak truth to power, to be able to use our influence to enact change and charity work for people who are vulnerable and who want to be heard, empowerment is the name of the game, as we have come from similar places.

Giving 'Voice To The Voiceless' regularly signifies that the historically underrepresented, disadvantaged or vulnerable gain opportunities to organize, increase visibility and express themselves by leveraging the strengths of information media and communication, watch this space! Browse our Collection and Join Our Journey!  They are all limited edition and once again will not be seen again! Apart from on you of course :)